Frequently Asked Questions

Can people with drug/alcohol addiction take part in the course?

We are not able to accommodate people using chemical substances affecting consciousness – hard drugs and antidepressants included. By applying for the course you confirm that you have not used the above in the above-mentioned ways for at least 120 days. The course is also not recommended for those regularly consuming substantial amounts of alcohol and weed.

I have filled in application for the course. What's next?

After filling in the form your application will be reviewed and you will be contacted by the manager on weather you have been selected for the course. Due to demand, we have limited capacity to accept guests to our trainings. However all successful applicants are contacted and saved in the data base, whenever we have free places we will contact you with an offer to join. If you are interested in particular course, and didn’t receive any information from us-do reapply or sent additional email.

 How much does it cost to participate in the course?

Costs for participation in the professional development course ( 9-14 days) - 1100- 1500 euro. Price includes accommodation and food expenses, cultural program and course fees. 

Costs for participation in the burnout recovery course ( 4 days) - 400 euro. Price includes accomodation and food expenses, cultural program and course fees. 

Seminars on introduction into interdisciplinary thought are organised by host organisation, training fees - 70 euro per hour

I don’t have financial resources to afford the course.  Can I still participate? Do you have scholarships?

We have limited number of scholarships available. The scholarship can cover course fees, accommodation, food expenses and travel to the course location. There are also possibilities for additional scholarships from our donors and partners. If you need a scholarship to participate in the course please indicate so in the application form or contact our manager. Please note, that scholarship does not cover the individual contribution in the form of 30% of monthly income.

Could you explain about the 30% contribution? What is it for? Does everyone has to pay it?

Yes, all applicants, participating in the course are required to contribute to the costs of the course with 30% of monthly income, including those participante, who are  fully sponsored by their organisation or through FLOW scholarship or donor support. In very rare cases exceptions can be made.   

Monthly income is assessed as the average throughout the last year. This input is necessary for methodological reasons -  the work we do in Flow is very deep and requires significant motivation. In our experience the absence of 30% personal input severely affects the quality of work and impact from the course.

Who can participate in FLOW courses?

Change makers, including and not limited to activists, HRDs, teachers, social workers, NGO and foundations’ employees, psychologists, professors, trainers, leaders and organisers of social movements, psychotherapists and social entrepreneurs.

Will I get the certificate upon completing the course?

Our courses require strong personal and professional motivation. We are trying to avoid situations, applications and participation,  targeting direct magnetization and commodification of the received knowledge. Which is why we only provide certificates in extreme rare cases. 

Do I have to be present for the full duration of the course?

If you are participant on a 4-day course you have to be present for the full duration of the course. If you are participant in a 9-day course you have to be present in the course for a minimum of 7 days

Can I participate in the course with a child?

Our courses are child friendly. We will be happy to accommodate you.

I am person with disabilities. Can I participate in a course?

Yes, will be happy to have you. Please leave a comment in the application or contact our manager so and let us know how we can best assist your needs.

Where are the courses held?

We make a special effort to choose best and most comfortable places for our courses, to provide you with perfect conditions for rehabilitation, education, development, recovery and individual work.  In the past we have hosted our courses in different areas and countries, with the majority of the courses in the last few years organized in Ukraine.

Will I be able to teach methodology of Flow integral changes upon completion of the course?

Theory and practice of "integral changes" is unique authors methodology developed by Yana Ziferblat. This methodology is constantly developing, growing and changing and is a complex multiple level construction. For full certification one has to join the track for specialists and complete 12 course within the framework of 3-5 years. Parts of the methodology can be applied in the existing work and its support.

Can I participate in a course more then once?

Yes, we are always happy to see returning participants

Where can I apply to the course?

You can find more information in the upcoming courses, or apply following this link 

Couldn't find answer to your question?

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