ICC is an international center for interdisciplinary progressive education.

​ICC brings together experts in the fields of critical intersectional analysis, interdisciplinary philosophy, postcolonial, gender and posttrauma psychology with the goal of supporting the effective development of progressive social changes. 

Our courses are individualized, they bring together theory and practice, provide the platform for cooperation and networking among our participants: social changemakers, activists, human rights defenders, leaders of social movements, scientists, teachers, psychologists, social workers and social entrepreneurs. 



Since 2015 through its courses and individual consultations ICC has provided support, rehabilitation, and professional development for over 600 leaders of social changes.  Among the participants of our courses are: leaders of organizations and civil society movements, psychologists, business managers, trainers and leaders of human rights groups from former Yugoslavia, Near East, CIS, India, USA, Eastern, and Central Europe.


The 9 and the 4- day long courses held in English and Russian, target leading changemakers in courses mixed by age, professional engagements, ethical, gender, sexuality and region groups and focusing on teaching innovative holistic approaches to individual and community well-being and growth.


R3: Recover. Recharge. Restart

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CWV: Church without violence

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Courses on burn-out recovery and introductory seminars on critical interdisciplinary analysis:

  • Focuses on creating a common field of social and psychological approaches towards individual growth and well-being as well as community well-being 

  • Create safe space for individual recovery, rehabilitation and self- development


For our 4-day course, we invite changemakers in need of effective burn-out recovery, interested in understanding their current emotional state and making practical steps towards making changes.


  • Can last within the range of 4 hours to 4 days 

  • Focus on one or more themes from the course program 

  • Are tailored specifically towards the needs of the host organization 


Flow courses: 9 and 14-day courses on professional development and ToTs:


  • Emerge participants into intense recovery and learning process focused on in-depth post-trauma work, self-development, burn-out recovery and self-care practices

  • Provide a theoretical and practical foundation for future independent work on following topics: burn out rehabilitation, PTSD and the specifics of care, suicide prevention, self and community mobilization, reaching one’s potential of growth, postcolonial and feminist approaches in psychology and care, body-soul-spirit connection.

  • Provide common, but individualized comfortable and safe space for recovery, rest and self- development


For our 9- and 14-day courses, we invite changemakers motivated for an in-depth long-term work on post-trauma rehabilitation.






We specialize in capacity building of sociological minorities and groups that face discrimination based on sex, ethnicity, physical abilities, religion, class, gender identity, sexual orientation, HIV status.

Our courses are open to everyone and are friendly to children. 



Themes covered in the course


Thematically wise each course covers a range of the following themes, which are adapted and shuffled according to a particular group, particular courses are tailored uniquely to each group


  • sustainable social change and development

  • intersectional and interdisciplinary analysis

  • digital detox

  • gender and feminism

  • queer theory

  • feminist and postcolonial approaches in psychology

  • critical historiography

  • women' and transgender’ psychology

  • trauma and burnout informed grantmaking and fundraising/budgeting

  • trauma-informed conflict and risk management

  • childhood' post-trauma recovery

  • motivation and mobilization

  • the sexual and domestic violence-emergency response, recovery and political approaches

  • Community-based well being and self-care

  • suicide prevention

  • Search for a meaning of life and its importance in preventing burn out

  • psychology of violence

  • political psychology

  • aspects in psychological effects of engagement in social media

  • self-defense and sports, mountain hiking, sauna and swimming

  • dance, singing, poetry evenings, instruments playing

  • environmental and animal rights education


Costs of FLOW courses  


Costs for participation in the professional development course ( 9-14 days) - 920-1400 euro. Price includes accommodation and food expenses, cultural program and course fees. 

Costs for participation in the burnout recovery course ( 4 days) - 400 euro. Price includes accommodation and food expenses, cultural program and course fees. 

Seminars on introduction into interdisciplinary thought are organized by the host organization, training fees - 70 euro per hour. 


We have a limited number of full and partial scholarships available. We also cooperate with funds and organizations that are ready to support participants, activists and human rights defenders. If you need a scholarship please note that in the application form and we will consult you about additional funding options. 


If your participation is fully supported by the FLOW fund or any other fund, kindly be prepared to contribute 30 percent of your monthly income towards the course. 




We always choose among the most comfortable and tranquil places for our courses. In all of our courses, guests are accommodated in the room of two or three. Exceptions can be made.



The food at the courses is mainly organic and fully vegetarian/vegan. Since many of our guests meet with strictly vegetarian kitchen for the first time, we put special attention to ensuring a high quality of the food served.



Please kindly note

 ICC is not a medical institution – we do not carry any responsibility, legal or otherwise, for your condition before, during or after the course. We encourage you to use common sense and read the letters from our former guests carefully.

Also, we are not able to accommodate people using chemical substances affecting consciousness – hard drugs and antidepressants included. By applying for the course you confirm that you have not used the above in the above-mentioned ways for at least 120 days. The course is also not recommended for those regularly consuming substantial amounts of alcohol and weed.


We ask you to carefully review our agreement for participation in the course: