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Yana Ziferblat

founder and director 

Yana has been engaged in training, management, consulting and social change for over twenty years. She is an expert in coalition and network building, post trauma, and burns out recovery, empowerment, crisis and conflict transformation and self-realization of change makers.

Yana’s social engagement began in Jewish community organizing in Ukraine, where she was training community leaders and youth facilitators. She then moved to Israel-Palestine, where she focused on adult and youth education. In the following years, she has studied for BA in Psychology and led numerous networks in the pursuit of just peace. During this period she served as the general coordinator of the Coalition of Women for Peace for five years and founded a network of women HRD’s from CIS. After five years in the Coalition, Yana has moved to Budapest, and completed an advanced degree in Gender and Women history in Central European University, while focusing on her own well being, facilitating leadership training and consulting the operations of Disability Rights Fund in Ukraine.  In 2011 Yana has founded and co-managed Home- a center for holistic rehabilitation of change makers.

Yana is Flow’ director and our senior psycho-social trainer. 

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