Integral Change Center 

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Burnout recovery and introduction into intersectional interdisciplinary critical analysis 

4-day intensive rehabilitation courses for social changemakers focused on recover from professional burnout, seminars focused on professional development in the sustainable development of social changes, gender, and postcolonial psychology, intersectional sociology and building communication within and between communities of social change agents 

Professional development courses and ToT

10-day courses for social changemakers focused on professional development in the field of intersectional sociology, analytical posttrauma psychology, and interdisciplinary philosophy

4-day Digital D*tox courses

Rediscover the beauty of Living.

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Participants about ICC

I came to the course in severe stage of burnout, feeling anxious and lost. I felt like the whole world is against me and not understanding where am I in this world.


The program of the course was very close to my heart. The atmosphere of trust and acceptance of expression of emotions: free expression of all the feelings!

Everything that has happened in FLOW has changed my world, it has changed my life!


— Anastasia, psychologist

About ICC

ICC is an international center for interdisciplinary progressive education.


ICC brings together experts in the fields of critical intersectional analysis, interdisciplinary philosophy, postcolonial, gender and posttrauma psychology with the goal of supporting the effective development of progressive social changes. 


Our courses are individualized, they bring together theory and practice, provide the platform for cooperation and networking among our participants: social changemakers, activists, human rights defenders, leaders of social movements, scientists, teachers, psychologists, social workers, and social entrepreneurs. 


We specialize in capacity building of sociological minorities and groups that face discrimination based on sex, ethnicity, physical abilities, religion, class, gender identity, sexual orientation, HIV status.


Our courses are open to everyone and are friendly to children. 


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Individual consultations