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ICC is an international center for interdisciplinary progressive education.

​ICC brings together experts in the fields of critical intersectional analysis, interdisciplinary philosophy, postcolonial, gender and posttrauma psychology with the goal of supporting the effective development of progressive social changes. 

Our courses are individualized, they bring together theory and practice, provide the platform for cooperation and networking among our participants: social changemakers, activists, human rights defenders, leaders of social movements, scientists, teachers, psychologists, social workers and social entrepreneurs. 



Since 2012 through its courses and individual consultations ICC has provided support, rehabilitation, and professional development for over 600 leaders of social changes to over 5 000 leaders of organizations and civil society movements, psychologists, business managers, trainers and leaders of human rights groups from former Yugoslavia, Near and Middle East, CIS, India, USA, Eastern, and Central Europe.


Our courses held in English, Ukranian, Hebrew, Belarusian and Russian and target leading change makers in courses diverse by age, professional engagements, ethical, gender, sexuality and reliigiose affiliation groups and based in innovative scientificly supported and informed approaches to individual and community well-being and growth.

Online Flow Courses

Courses on burn-out recovery and introductory seminars on  interdisciplinary analysis:

  • Focus on creating a common field of social and psychological approaches towards individual growth and well-being as well as community well-being 

  • Create safe space for individual recovery, rehabilitation and self- development

Professional development and ToTs:

  • Recovery and learning process focused on in-depth post-trauma work, self-development, burn-out recovery and self-care practices

  • Establishing theoretical and practical foundation for future independent work on following topics: burn out rehabilitation, PTSD and the specifics of care, suicide prevention, self and community mobilization. 

  • Comfortable and safe space for recovery, rest and self- development


ICC specialises in capacity building of sociological minorities and groups that face discrimination based on sex, ethnicity, physical abilities, religion, class, gender identity, sexual orientation, HIV status.

Our courses are open to everyone and are friendly to children. 


Thematically wise each course covers a range of the following themes, which are adapted and shuffled according to a particular group, particular courses are tailored uniquely to each case and request. 

  • sustainable social change and development

  • intersectional and interdisciplinary approaches to social and political change 

  • digital detox

  • intersection of politics and psychology

  • propaganda at war and war on propaganda
  • critical historiography

  • women' psychology

  • trauma and burnout informed grant making and fundraising/budgeting

  • trauma-informed conflict and risk management

  • childhood', adult and war' related post-trauma recovery

  • motivation and mobilization in crisis

  • sexual and domestic violence-emergency response, recovery and political approaches

  • well being and self-care

  • introduction to suicide prevention

  • psychology of violence and psycho trauma at war

  • political psychology

  • aspects in psychological effects of engagement in social media

  • environmental and animal rights education

  • gender and queer theory

  • feminist and postcolonial approaches in psychotherapy of trauma



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