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Natalia, activist, Ukraine

That was wonderful ten days in my life. Training, communication, a lot of opportunities and impressions. Many thanks, Yana! The talent for seeing people, loving and opening a whole beautiful world before them is also a special magic. You start to see the whole world as a whole, you start to see yourself from the inside and out. This trip was the second experience for me. I came to Flow like a fearful kitten, but with a huge request - I did not have enough knowledge. I came back as a person who is not afraid to take responsibility for himself. It turns out that I can talk. I enjoy the beauty of the world around me. And I can capture such moments in my pictures. My life turned over. To love myself with all my dignity and mischief, sometimes sadness. The world is wonderful. A charming place on Biryuchy island. Quiet and calm. Beautiful sunsets and sunrises. Vegetarian cuisine. A young married couple who worked around the clock to feed us. And, how it was delicious! Live music. Yura and Natasha not only cooked, but also played musical instruments and sang songs. I am grateful to God and the Flow team: Yana, Anastasia, Eli, Asya and everybody - for the opportunity to breathe life into myself. Thank you for your open hearts and work that opens the hearts of others - on the breath of the wind ...

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FLOW is the best thing that has happened to me. Helped me to understand trauma and pain that I has been suppressing. I have learned to love and value myself more. Kindness is within us and in those around us, love and gratefulness are always with us.

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